Griswold Family Christmas

Nationals Lampoons Christmas Vacation aka Griswold Family Christmas Schöne Bescherung

...does not only take place in cemeteries, haunted houses and in the Bundestag.
A very classic variant of pure horror has been known for centuries under one catchphrase:

In 1989, Warner Brothers ventured into the stuff of nightmares. Family man Clark Griswold longs for an Old Fashioned Family Christmas with the whole family. And the whole clan. The ambitious plan ends in chaos and the hoped-for contemplative Christmas turns into a really horrible happening that somehow, with all its madness, also makes a lot of fun and atmosphere. At least the viewers who declared the film a cult.

'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation' aka ' Happy Holidays ' aka 'Help It's Christmas Time' tops every All Time Christmas Classics ranking today. And rightly so!

We too fell in love with the film back then and have been loyal to it for over 30 years. Before the TV and since the turn of the millennium with Europe's constantly growing and largest fan shop . Moose cups, film props, memorabilia, fanware as far as the eye can see.

So if you're not in the mood for witches, zombies and other scary minions, drop by. You have no idea what horror squirrels, resinous fir trees and rusty campers in the garden have in them.
Merry Griswolds to you all!


PS: And the same applies here. Buying directly from the shop is always cheaper than going to a platform and stuffing monstrous dotcom fees down your throat. It's YOUR money!

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