Fearfully Asked Questions

Fearfully Asked Questions

FAQ - Fearfully Asked Questions

We found the best fortune teller that could be found for a half-warm meal. So we now know exactly what questions horror shoppers have on their tongues that have not yet been cut off when they get lost on our site. Well, let's say we guess. So here is a small field test in terms of forecasting, which doesn't work particularly well with the weather either. In this sense...have water ready, it goes straight into the text desert.


Why are you cheaper here than at Am... and Eb...?
Because we have to pay exorbitant fees on these platforms. Anyone who buys there, whether from us or other dealers, unfortunately has to pay extra. Extremely unnecessary if you think that your hand needs about 1 second to buy one page directly from us. Make that clear to your hand, it will understand...

Is there anything else you can do about the price?
>> Gladly upwards, otherwise. Nope. Our prices are calculated tough. Every Honk writes, but it's true for us. We are not a dot-com that wants to pull the skin over your ears and strive to maximize profits. We price each item fairly and offer it as cheaply as possible. Unfortunately, there are no longer any discounts.

However: Companies and other large orders that exceed an order value of 2500 euros will contact us and we will check whether there is still a small but fine margin.

I've seen the item cheaper in the US.

>> Please remember that buying the item is only about 60% of the cost. Shipping costs, taxes, customs duties but also import logistics and sorting out broken units. All this costs money. us too! But your advantages are manifold: Delivery within days instead of weeks, full support, no broken packages and 0 dirty talk with customs officials who really like to put you through the stress test.

The figure used to be cheaper.
>> Especially animatronics are usually only produced for one season. Then new ones come onto the market. That's a shame because many figures are incredibly good and then no longer available anywhere. Individual available copies then rocket into the sky and increase in collector value. Therefore, it is never advisable to put the purchase of figures on hold because the products tend to become more expensive than cheaper. That mean supply/demand construct again. But hey, that's market economy.

Are there no more B-stocks?
>> But no longer in the shop. B and C goods are now only sold by us to a few experts who know exactly what they are getting into. And also have the appropriate know-how to solder around on circuits and open current sources. We don't want to be haunted at night after work by customer ghosts who burned more than just their fingers while tinkering.

And special offers?
>> We try to be as cheap as possible in our own shop. Fair prices make it difficult to get even cheaper prices. That's why what's going on at hardware stores and the like is a revealing illusion. Compared to the competition, most of our prices are already lower. From time to time we also put on our generous pants and reduce a few crackers in the value of toads. These are then marked as SALE. Oh yes, and we are happy to give 20 percent on pet food at any time. No problem.

What prevents me from looking here and buying somewhere else?
>> Apart from an epic curse that we don't blame you for survival time that much. Do it how you want but look carefully at WHAT you get and WHERE you buy it. Customs duties are often added, it takes forever or they are B-goods or gray imports, fake products. Items without an invoice or without VAT shown. And in the event of problems with many of our fellow combatants, service is about as much required as abstinence in the brothel.

And don't forget the epic curse. So just to note...


I would like to buy on account.

>> And we would like to have an island in the Pacific. Seriously: Unfortunately, this is no longer feasible these days, otherwise we would have to run after the money like a thirsty vampire after a blood donation vehicle. Paypal is the perfect alternative, the money is with us immediately, you have full protection and we pay the fees that are not without. Even if the fees permanently destroy the dream of the island.

And cash on delivery?
After 10 years in which the postman rang the doorbell more or less successfully and asked for a small donation, which he was often refused, which is why he sent the goods back to us, we decided to send this payment method to the eternal hunting grounds as well.

Also because the benefits are not given because what is in the box that you are then offered for cash is also uncertain. And then pay 10 euros more to DHL? Oh no. In addition, you cannot hand in cash on delivery parcels to your neighbor. Also stupid if you're not there.

What about other means of payment?
>> In the Allgäu, too, we said goodbye to glass beads and bartering and learned to appreciate the euro. Internet shopping should be easy and the payment options we offer offer everyone a quick and effective solution to pay for purchases with full security for both parties.


Do you also deliver outside of Germany?

>> Yes, the resisted friends of our perverse horrors can be found all over Europe. As far as possible, we're happy to give everyone their portion of madness, no matter where they sit. Germany (with islands) and Austria are preferred. If you are looking elsewhere, email us what you want and we will check the shipping costs.

Support says it doesn't ship to my country?
Yes, that happens. But not because you're so terrible. On the contrary. Some items are just too big, too heavy and too expensive to ship to neighboring countries. An animatronic can quickly add up to freight costs of 100 euros and more. Yes, that's perverted and that's not the end of the postage flagpole. So as I said: email us and ask for your desired item. Or have the things sent to someone who lives in Germany and pick them up there. Do a lot.

How does ordering and shipping work?

>> First you fall madly in love with our articles, put as much as possible in the shopping cart (let it rip baby!). As soon as your ashes, your money, have arrived at our blood bank, your monster purchase will go on its journey. Top packed and always nicely insured.

How long does delivery take?
>> Of course we're putting the Post under hellish pressure, as befits a company of our kind. However, you will have aged about 2 - 7 days when your order arrives. If nothing comes, don't contact us by sobbing loudly, but by email. We'll help immediately.

Can I track the shipment?
>> No. Nice answer right? In general, we do not provide any tracking data. This is for logistical reasons. However, if you are impatient, you can email us and we will send you the DHL data. Normally our orders are there spectacularly fast.

It is a gift. Is the packaging spoiler?
>> Not in 80% of the cases. Cultica is the only sender on the box, to be on the safe side, just send an email after the purchase. Then we'll make a note of that again for the pack zombies. Then your loving gift will remain top secret and will be packaged extra neutrally, as if it were from horizontal fun shipping.

How do I save on shipping costs?

>> By either not ordering or by ordering over 50 euros. We would prefer the second. No matter how much you shop, everything comes to you well packaged and insured. Unfortunately, we can only do that with the 50 euros in our horror home country Germany. We pay significantly more for every package abroad anyway.

Why do I have to pay for pre-orders immediately?
>> Because this is the only way we can reserve the article for you. We always have too few figures in stock and this is the only way we can ensure that the people who reserve them are really interested. Your advantage: if you order and pay now, you have the best price and the guarantee that the goods will be forwarded to you as soon as they reach us. Brand new and original packaging. Thank you for your understanding.


The box looks open. Is that B-stock?
We only sell A-Ware. Returns, i.e. B-goods, are no longer sent to our shop but to companies who buy these things from us in bulk and pay correspondingly less. Cardboard boxes and the original packaging can still look open, as they are subject to a lot when imported as sea freight and are also checked by customs.

An OVP box may have been opened for quality reasons or because we are still packing something in the box. But the goods are brand new. And that is hardly the case with any other dealer. (And this claim also costs us a pig money - damned ambition!)

An item is wrong, missing or broken?

>> We're sorry. Please just send us an email. After we have thrown those responsible to the undead to eat, one of the remaining torturers will send you new goods and a finger from the culprit.

I don't like an article.

>> Is the zombie too zombie or the witch too cursed? The magic word is the cancellation period. This is valid for 14 days and nights. Please take a look at the information in the menu item cancellation policy. Feel free to send us an email if something doesn't fit, we can often help you without having to send it back. DHL is already fat enough.

The package never arrived.
>> Surely the postman has eloped with your zombie? domestically, every order you place must be there 7 days after payment. Abroad within 10 days. If DHL doesn't get back to you by then, contact us. Also earlier if there is a fire. We extinguish the fire, not the request!

There was too much in the package.
>> Nana, that's not what decent materialists in the western hemisphere say. To tell you the truth, we all suffer from an incurable St. Nicholas complex, And like to include gifts. We think you're never too old for surprises. So be happy and have fun with things.

But the article looked different online.
This can have many reasons. Other monitor colors, changes to the models in mass production for quality but also copyright or security reasons. We really try to represent every item that appears on our site authentically. But sometimes we stumble over product images that have been changed by the manufacturer and that no longer correspond to the final article. If that's the case, just let us know and we'll take a look.

The woman, the moon, the house weren't even included in the package.

>> Our dramatized shots and advertising posters like to show the arsenal of the beasts in vividly imaginable scenes. Of course, these also show things that are definitely not in the package, such as scantily clad models, torched cities, haunted houses. However, we make sure that all items are photographed "as they are" in the product descriptions. So that the drama shots are fun. In combination with the product images and texts, however, it becomes clear what is sold and what is not.


What's the quickest way to reach you?
Medial. You probably don't have this ability, so send us an email. The phone is just a nail in the coffin. It's often busy here and as much as we like chatting with customers, it takes a lot of time. Mails, on the other hand, reach us immediately and we have everything in front of us in black and white. Therefore the request again: Mail us, we usually respond before the next witching hour...

Can I also pick up the items?
>> No. We are an online only company. Even if you had the crypt right next to us, we would have to ask you to order online. The reasons are manifold. Insurance, logistics, accounting, fear of people, laziness...

I'm looking for a specific shocker.
>> All of life is a quest. As much as we'd love to help you, what's not in our program, we don't have. We buy hundreds and thousands of items. This is the only way we can generate bearable purchase prices. Of course, if you want hundreds or thousands of pieces of a product, mail us anytime.

Something is wrong on the pages.
>> Women fleeing demons, werewolves, zombie mermaids, talking skeletons. Hardly anything is going on properly on these pages. But if you think there is a big mistake that should be diluted, please write to us and we will check it.


Do you also have spare parts?
Of course we comply with the legal guarantees and make sure that your purchases are fit. However, with the current quantity of articles and the manufacturing country China, it is unfortunately not possible to reorder later. We would really like to, but tried 1000 times and nothing happened 1000 times. And the 1001st time it didn't make ZOOM either. Unfortunately.

Are things weatherproof?
>> Hardly any article tolerates moisture. On dry nights you may survive a good bit, but in general all products are indoor items that should be taken care of accordingly. If something is suitable for outside, it is in the text. But it's usually the passers-by who steal it, so think carefully about what you're accusing the public of stealing.

Are things fireproof?
>> But not like that. That stuff burns better than firewood. There are, so to speak, no flame-retardant items on the market. All plastic, polyester etc... Flame retardant sprays can be used, but the stuff is only really convincing for those who sell it expensively when looking at the cash register. Exception: our flame-retardant cobwebs with a certificate.

I don't understand the structure of the product.
>> Assembly items always come with instructions. If that's not enough, please go online and watch videos of self-loving performers on the most well-known video platform. Whether unboxing, assembly or how long it survives in the blender... you can find almost everything here. If all hangman's ropes snap, that's right. email us

Your site is not working properly for me.
Our website is designed for almost every browser and almost every resolution (although the whole thing looks really bad in 280 x 360 monochrome). Whether smartphone or PC bolide, the horror should actually slip smoothly into your box. Email us where the saber is sharpening and we'll be happy to check what's going on. Since we have not outsourced the IT to Kurdistan, we can react well.


Can I take pictures or texts from you?

>> Please keep your distance from this and from annoying zombies. We invest an enormous amount of time in high-quality illustrations and texts. Therefore, the note that everything on our site is subject to copyright and may not be mopped either in part or in part. Sounds funny, but it is less funny when you get mail from the lawyer. That too is with us, how appropriate a real bloodsucker. So let's stay friends.

I have a press request.
Please use the contact form to get in touch. Mails are then forwarded to the contact person and we answer before the clock strikes midnight a second time. The clearer the request and its origin is, the clearer we can call yes, no, hurrah, maybe or incorrectly connected.


Who are you?

>> Crazy like you. Creatures who enjoy scary things, don't take life and death dead seriously and would rather laugh too much than too little. And of course business people who have turned their hobby into a profession and certainly see a sense of purpose in scaring you and your victims.

Who runs your shops?
>> We ourselves. Like grandma with her apple pie, the murderer with his corpses. Our team consists of designers, journalists and other passionate souls who invest a lot of joy and time in making this small plot of the now rather dull web a little more alive. With edges and corners because people have them too and they always will. Digit-al yes, eel-smooth no.

What are your favorite items?
>> Everything that we carry in our shops has been checked by us and has inspired us. We are not sponsored and get bonuses if we sell you any cheese. And products that aren't any good are removed from the range faster than the Grim Reaper mows the lawn. But we particularly value our large figures and items that we have produced in-house.

How do you celebrate Halloween?
>> In a small but witty circle. Since the season starts for us in January, we already have a head start of 270 days if you decorate the house. During the day we still do customer service, in the evening we drink something and, as the big pumpkin was merciful, a toast to a successful season.

Where can I see you?
>> Since we are not reincarnated as zoo animals, nowhere. We prefer to act backstage. When there was Rampensau soup, our soup plates probably had a hole in them. Therefore, as much as we value you, as much as we entrust to you. You will not see selfies from us. From time to time, however, one of us is a model on the advertising graphics for the articles. So much can be revealed...

What else do you do besides horror?
In addition to this shop, we also operate Europe's largest Christmas Vacation fan shop under the Cultica(R) brand. In addition, we have a lot of other things that are available on the market. Shirts, prints, bags, caps, posters and much more. We are easy to get but hard to escape from...

Is Bony still single?
>> Again and again. Like every 50 to 100 years. However, he is currently making advances to an elderly lady with her own lock and lots of ashes in her collection bag. So the competition will be difficult. Alternatively, an image of the bony gigolo may suffice. The replicas in the shop are shockingly real to the original. And brought up much better.

I like what you do, can I rate you somewhere?

>> Thank you. U.S. as well. What you like to do, you do well. And nothing pleases our raven-black souls more than a friendly review. It brings something, especially on third-party platforms. Others will surely thank you if you make recommendations. And of course we do too. 9 out of 10 customers buy the goods overpriced on a platform, nobody benefits from it except the omnivorous big company. So, throw a good tweet, let it rip and flash the lightning, feed the Facebock and weigh in some good Instagrams for us. We already love you for it!

What was the funniest thing you've ever experienced in terms of horror?
We've got tons of stuff to start with, but what was really weird was the day the mail delivered us a big box, it slammed open in the middle of the street and a hundred severed feet spilled out onto the sidewalk. The view of passers-by...priceless.

And then there was the matter of...oh, that's going too far now. Let's see, today everyone writes a book that has nothing to say, maybe we'll give our ghostwriter one in order.

I rated you but don't see the rating?
We only activate reviews after checking. It's unbelievable how much spam and nonsense usually accumulates under an article. On average, it takes about 12 hours before the rating appears. Thanks for the time invested. In order to maintain clarity, we are currently limiting the number of ratings per article to 5. The whole thing shouldn't become a scrolling orgy and should remain clear.

I still have a question...
>> Maybe we also have an answer, find out by sending us an email. Preferably via the contact form, because if we send the email address here, the rich uncle of the 13th degree will email us again and wants to force his inheritance on us, sell a revolutionary hair restorer, etc...

We hope all of that above was a little clear, otherwise ask the crystal ball or us via mail...cu...and gruselavista baby!

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