10 horror event bids

10 Horror Event Gebote

Horror yes - Inferno, no! So pay attention to safety. Hardly inflammable cobwebs, only LED cold light lamps and no fire (risk of fire). With electrical devices, pay attention to dry connections, secure wiring and breathing radius if they have to draw air. And rather a fog machine than dry ice. The stuff is also highly dangerous in rooms without exhaust air. And in all the darkness, the way out should always be signposted and kept visible.

It all sounds extremely stuffy, but makes cleaning up later easier if you don't have to clean around the crime scene barriers.

Figurine, sticker, mobile? Doesn't see a pig! Small decoration is big nonsense that only eats up the budget. So refrain from silly little things that just gather dust on the shelf. Eye catchers such as animatronics, skeleton parts, pumpkins bring much more and catch the eye much more thanks to their size, but also light and sound effects. Large also does not mean expensive. Is the budget all? Put a broom in a beer crate and build a scarecrow. It costs almost nothing, but it also works great. Of course, you only take these dramatic steps of free decoration when the last cent of your savings stocking has been spent in our shop. Eh sure.

The dimly lit corridor with dancing shadows on the walls. The horror figure whose face glows eerily. The cold buffet that shines in deep red tones. Rely on indirect lighting and spots that only illuminate exactly what should be seen. An old ghost train effect. This is how you direct the eyes of the guests to the hotspots. And where light is used to accentuate, there is also shadow. Class! Dark corners provide an additional spooky effect. Black light and stroboscopic flashes are of course also a great solution for individual hotspots. And turn out the floodlights, otherwise every few minutes some idiot will come up with the idea of ​​turning on the lights in the hall, which is extremely off-putting!

Of course, we only know that because we were such bad guys ourselves. Even real ghost trains are extremely disenchanted with a click on the light switch.

A feast for the senses means. The ears also want to shudder. The internet is full of MP3 sounds, from eerie moans to swampy toad screams. From the roaring storm to the dripping tap with echo. With small players including speakers, you can give special corners a lot more effect. The costs are minimal, the effect, which drives a further sense insane, is sensational. In our offers we always refer to such mood makers. Faves of ours are: water drops with echo, wind noise, thunderstorms, eerie groans, buzzing of flies, chirping crickets, witches laughter, cracking & cracking fire, footsteps approaching, the banging of an old wall clock, bats flapping, bugs whirring, chain rattling).

Most of us have 6 senses. The more of these senses you can influence through targeted influence, the more intense the horror that spreads.

The best decoration is flat if you serve it with wieners and potato salad. Unless the sausages look like fingers and the potato salad looks like vomit thanks to food coloring. How about a Barrow Cake, Blood Punch and Jell-O Brain? Or marshmallow eyes in their own viscous blood juice, i.e. naturally red colored vanilla ice cream. Here, too, the Internet offers an almost inexhaustible amount of cool ideas. So let yourself be inspired. The horror should not end at the buffet.
However, if the stuff tastes the way it looks, you've overstepped the mark. So shock the eye but not the palate too. Vomit comes out of carpets lousy! Trust our experience!

A perfect horror party begins with the invitation. Rolls of parchment paper, maybe a finger with you, a special password or a landing page on the web where you have to log in. Your guests should not only be able to get in the mood, they should be looking forward to the event in panic. Clattering is part of the craft. So start quietly and get louder and louder. Maybe with follow-up mails. A riddle where the location is and which unravels more and more. Or jigsaw pieces of which a new one comes home every day. So the guests are already in the mood when they stand at the entrance of the spirit house. From where the Grim Reaper receives them individually and leads them inside.

Foreplay is definitely not only half the battle when it comes to sex.

A lot of money goes into figures and decoration. It is important to protect large figures. A barrier or a safety distance with a fence to the animatronics makes sense. Otherwise everyone is fumbling around with the fragile figures. You can then see on the selfies how your horror decoration was slowly decimated. So block it! If you do it skillfully, it's not a discipline. Crime Scene Tapes and Signs with text like "Stay Away Or I Kill You" are a little more subtle and are sure to be obeyed. Otherwise, create small barriers in addition to ribbons. And on the subject of outdoor decoration, this is our experience: unsupervised things in the garden are stolen faster than Dracula makes the flutter. So think carefully about what you put out.

Ideally, you can use all your decorations and figures for years. That puts the money involved considerably into perspective. So, protect your possessions.

Of course, depending on the guests, the music has to fit, but in any case there should also be room for the classics according to the occasion. Ideally, a DJ takes on the task (disguised, of course) and also ensures the right mood by repeatedly playing short sound sequences (circular saw, organ music, church bells). There is nothing to be said against techno, pop and dancefloor, the framework has to integrate these normal pieces in a cult way. In addition to ears, you also need a good nose: If you have doubts about the same, get help, but there are also very good ready-made mixes to be found on the Internet.

And if you don't want to impose the task on anyone, simply use playlists from Spoti** and Co. with all your Web 2.0 soul... not quite as lively but effective and sometimes well put together.

Horror is only fun when it's spiced up with a good pinch of black humor. A too nasty, purely mean and repulsive decoration that doesn't make fun of itself is indeed frightening, but also only leaves unpleasant feelings in the guests. So, don't take it too seriously and throw in some silliness (like we do on our website). Sure, most of us are out of the phase of being afraid of a pumpkin, but don't banish such cult items from the repertoire completely. It defines All Hallows Even and is still very popular in the States with young and old alike. And iconic.

Or what symbolizes Halloween and horror for you more than a big scary pumpkin. Even! So don't just give your guests something sour, but also a pinch of sweets every now and then. The big drama curves roller coaster.

With a few iconic souvenirs, the party will be fondly remembered by all survivors. nightmares included. A goodie bag with iconic memorabilia or a photo from an instant camera completes the perfect spooky experience. If you lovingly pack something together here, a mix of edible creepy gummy bears, a key ring, maybe a few fingers and candy, you are acting in the spirit of the well-known and crazy popular Trick Or Treat.

We have never seen an adult, no matter how big, who wasn't beaming on his way home with such a goodie bag. Your party will be remembered for a long time. As an epic event with hopes of a sequel...

Happy Haunting!

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