XL Creepy Candyman horror figure animatronic

Seasons Visions

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Sweets are unhealthy... and we don't mean tooth decay and bactus pouncing on their pearly whites. no The Candy Butler wants more. The spooky superlative of the professional Halloween ghost train towers almost 2 meters into foggy heights. Always the delicious lollipop ready. His victorious grin is appropriate. Every time a sweet tooth has let itself be seduced. And on top of the sweet kick came the bitter taste of death. Sensational, strictly limited animatronic.

Size: height 1.9 m x depth 0.65 m x width 0.75 m Effects: light / sound / animation / language (English) / motion sensor: IR motion sensor Power: 220 V / adapter included Info: indoor decoration / set-up time 30 minutes

"Well, if the sugar daddy doesn't break your brats from accepting sweets from strangers, then I don't know what will..."


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