Screaming Berzerk Banshee Beast XL

Seasons Visions

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Screaming was yesterday... what the Banshee witch is celebrating here is screaming in a new dimension of horror. Goosebumps also deliver the perfect design. The powerful figure of over 2 meters, the facial features, the glowing eyes and the great animated mouth. This is Geisterbahn 2.0 and for everyone who wants to scare their guests more than just a little... grab it. This is the hit of the season...

Size: height 2.15 m x depth 0.65 m x width 0.75 m Effects: light / sound (screams) / animation / movement Sensor: IR movement sensor Power: 220 V / adapter included Info: indoor decoration / set-up time 30 minutes

"The last time I heard a screech like that was when my ex got her shoe delivery... and I got the bill..."


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