AtmosFX special fabric XL window & door projector projections


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Projection horror... perfection. Cheap alternatives are linen, parchment paper or even pure white walls. But if you want the best result, you will find it difficult to avoid these special materials. The projection fabric XL is ideal for window projections. The material is also sufficient for large glass surfaces. XL variant, because usually you need exactly this amount.

Ideal for window projections . For hologram effects we recommend the hologram fabric. Exclusively only with us in whole Europe. The original from AtmosFX.

Type: Projection fabric Size : 1.65 meters x 2.7 meters Material: Woven polyester, white Info : Provides excellent contrast. The set comes with hooks and mounting hardware.

"You bring dead rabble into the hut with it, but you can't get rid of it anymore..."

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