Poisonous Demon Cauldron Creeper Life Size Light Sound


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But your stomach should be hardened for what this demon from the soul realm is conjuring up. Human brain, spider legs, reptilian eyes and lots of Maggi are the ingredients. The scent fills your nostrils like benzene. And if you don't finish, you go straight to the main course. Tempting prospects, right? Beautifully chilling life-size horror animatronic, one of our favorites this season. Please note: smoke machine not included in the price.

Size: height approx. 1.85 m x width 0.5 m Effects: light / sound / movement Sensor : movement sensor, step mat optionally available Electricity: mains operation German adapter included Info: Indoor decoration assembly time 30 minutes. The figure is free-standing and designed all around.

»Always cooks in the day care center on Thursdays, times are hard, every penny counts...«


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