Motion Sensor Pro for animatronics perfect setting option


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It was dark... maybe too dark for your character's sensor? Most animatronics have a sensor that works on an infrared basis. But even that can fail. This is where the Motion Sensor PRO helps. It is inserted between the figure and the socket, the figure is (important) put on a continuous loop. From now on, the technology in the motion sensor will take over the reaction to visitors. Usually you get about 2-3 times as effective control and precision of the figures with the MSP.

The motion sensor only works with animatronics with a plug.

Size: Length 0.13m x 0.08m Info: Motion Sensor, with socket, made for 220V mains. Also works in the dark on an IR basis. Either hang the MPS on a socket on the wall or, for more flexibility, on an extension cable (see graphic). Character must have the loop option.

»A cool box, makes even the laziest zombie Zausel perk up again, socket vitamins, so to speak!«


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