Huge 2 Meter Grave Digger Creepy Joe Light Sound Action

Seasons Visions

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Horror excavator on two legs... An ice-cool guy, our gravedigger Creepy Joe. A massive 2 meters tall, strong as a tree and deadly serious not only at work. The chicken is so creepy that even the dead are afraid of him. Rusty shovel, gothic clothes, weatherbeaten face and glowing eyes. That's how you imagine a real gravedigger... And a mega cool Halloween animatronic. Horror, to die for. Well, if that doesn't fit.

Size: height 2.0 m x width 0.8 m Effects: light / sound / movement Sensor : noise sensor, step mat optionally available Electricity: 220 V adapter included Info: Indoor decoration assembly time 30 minutes. Free-standing all-round decoration.

“The coolest mole in the graveyard. Nobody digs better..."


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