Bone Chillers Skeleton Cinema Projections DVD Edition


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Bony in action... and not just him. His buddies also took the night off to creep past you. The boys and girls let it rip, party until their bones bend. Horror fun and scary show in cinema quality thanks to high-tech projection technology. Horror decoration deluxe at the push of a button. On DVD with various scenes, all of which can be looped individually. Enjoy the Horror!

professional technology. Original DVD disc. Playable on any DVD player - projector recommended. Projection material available in the shop.

Type: Video Effects Quality: Standard Medium: DVD Tip : Ideal for projections on windows, walls or even freely in the room (Accessories required: beamer / TV / screen or fabric sheet / dummy for holograms)

"For all those who want me in their booth easily, grab the disc immediately..."

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