Tricks & Treats Monster Cinema Projections DVD


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Sweet home... well not really. Here vampires, there bats and Frankenstein is also just getting up. Who would have thought that dead people bring so much life into a dwelling. But that's the plan, isn't it. The perfect spooky show that even outshines the ghost train. And there is enough shade here. Scary outlines and scenes that make the Halloween horror perfect. A DVD full of great loopable scenes for horror pros...get it!

professional technology. original dvd . Playable on any DVD player - no region code - projector recommended. Projection material available in the shop.

Type: Video effects Quality: SD Medium: DVD Tip : Ideal for projections on windows, walls or even freely in the room (Accessories required: beamer / TV / screen or fabric sheet / dummy for holograms)

"I have a suspicion that you won't win the title of Neighbor of the Year..."

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