Creepy Crawlies 2 Cinema Projections DVD Edition


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Crawling horror... spiders on the ceiling, rats crawling out of holes. Bugs, bugs everywhere in your home. Sounds like real horror, right? The good news, from the snake to the 8-legged Thekla, it's all just cinema projection. But on a level that is unbeatable. Terrific high-tech vermin horror at the push of a button... awesome!

professional technology. Original DVD disc. Playable on any DVD player - projector recommended. Projection material available in the shop.

Type: Video Effects Quality: Standard Medium: DVD Tip : Ideal for projections on windows, walls or even freely in the room (Accessories required: beamer / TV / screen or fabric sheet / dummy for holograms)

»That thing drives every cleaning person crazy, no mop or spray will help...«


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