Creepy Candyman Pumpkin Man Trick & Treat Shocker


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Trick or treat... a matter of opinion. The bowl in front of the Candyman invites you to snack. But woe to him who draws near. Then the pumpkin monster gets active and shows those with a sweet tooth where the hammer and shovel hang. A real cult animatronic, great design, ingenious shock effect and absolutely Halloween style. And the ideal balancing act between spooky and creepy, even for not-so-hard-nosed fans.

Size: height approx. 1.55 m x width 0.5 m Effects: sound / motion sensor : motion sensor, step mat optionally available Power: 4 AA brand batteries included (mains operation possible, adapter not included) Info: Indoor decoration assembly time 15 minutes. The figure is free-standing and designed all around.

»Anyone who thinks he can shovel the candies in gets one with the shovel... that makes sense!«


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