Zombie Invasion Horror Cinema Projections DVD


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Dead than dead... these figures will now bring life to your home. Or have you ever had a horde of zombies in front of the living room window? A pack of undead slowly clawing through the wall? Cinematic film sequences, playable individually and as a loop, for walls, doors and windows that will make your guests panic. Geisterbahn, on the other hand, is children's carnival. You are the new master of terror. Happy Halloween!

professional technology. original dvd . Playable on any DVD player - no region code - projector recommended. Projection material available in the shop.

Type: Video effects Quality: SD Medium: DVD Tip : Ideal for projections on windows, walls or even freely in the room (Accessories required: beamer / TV / screen or fabric sheet / dummy for holograms)

"Just a few clicks and you've got tons of new friends... doesn't that sound nice?"

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