AtmosFX USB Edition Halloween Window Decorations


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Ghost train effects in perfection... zombies at the window, ghosts coming through walls. Horror characters that haunt the room and shock the guests. Horror has never been more crass and special effects decoration has never been cooler. This original USB stick comes with loopable scenes (USB player required) and will bring your decoration to a new dimension of horror. Europe Exclusive, an AtmosFX compilation of the best Windows deco projections. Contents see back of packaging (photo)

professional technology. Original USB stick in best HD quality. Also available as a set with fabric. You need a device that plays USB sticks. Projection material available in the shop.

Type: Video effects Quality: HD Medium: USB Tip : Ideal for window projections on windows, walls, TV (Accessories required: beamer / TV / screen or fabric sheets)

"Murderers, zombies and ghosts in the windows, it's dangerous to live as a voyeur these days..."


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