AtmosFX Magic Decorating Disc Reel Beamer Projections


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The new dimension of decoration... . AtmosFX presents the Decoration Disc. Specially selected decorations are perfect for this and can be produced in unprecedented quality. Your own full moon with werewolf silhouette? A fortune teller prophesying the future from the trees, a giant snow globe for Christmas? The Decoration Disc makes that much more possible for us. Of course you can project everything on the disc, our range of DVDs, USB sticks is sensational. And if you want to save, you can get the disc in a bundle with the stick with projections, which is only available from us worldwide.

Ideal for dotted projections . Highest quality projection fabric. Exclusively only with us in whole Europe. The original from AtmosFX.

Type: Projection fabric Size : 1.09 meter radius (43 inches) foldable Material: Woven polyester, metal About : Provides excellent contrast. The disc comes with a case and anchoring eyelets.

"Shocks nicely, frightens extremely, a well-rounded thing that drives neighbors crazy ..."

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