Crime scene body bag like real body bag crime scene


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If this sack is unpacked... it will be in bad health. Because this container is reserved exclusively for corpses. Practical if you just throw in the leftovers from the slaughterhouse. Zip it up and down with it. Let's hope that our kind never ends up in such a nasty disposable bag. There is also the mask of an emaciated Zausel. Just put it in the stuffed sack and the corpse is ready. instant horror. And if you want it to be even more real, simply buy one of our sets with a real head. Happy Halloween...

Size: length 1.8 m x width 0.6 m including plastic mask PVC material: nylon fabric very stable with zipper and life-size print Tip: Stuff with towels at the top of the head and leave slightly open.

“Ideal for those skeletons that everyone has in their closet. Keeps them nice and fresh... the butchers' tapperware."

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