Bloodthirsty Walker Zombie Old Jim Animatronic

Nitemare Factory

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Finally retired... and then something like that. You've only just been dead for 113 years and you're already stuck on the walker. It's too bad when the neighbor's mutts nibble on your lower body while you sleep. But Jim built himself a walker. In this way he can continue to blow out the lamp of life for his victims at eye level. Mentally he is still there!

Size: height 1.8 m x width 0.6 m Effects: light / sound / movement Sensor : movement sensor Power: 220 V adapter included Info: Indoor decoration / assembly time 20 minutes / The figure is free-standing and designed all around.

“As a Casanova, he no longer cuts a trick. But at the blood bank he gets a parking space in front of the house..."


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