Skeleton Bony 1.6M + Horror Coffin


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Power Pack… Bony loves to party with you. But at some point he has to sleep off his intoxication. And then he settles into either your couch, your bedroom or his own bone bunk... and that's why we've combined the best in this set. The bony beauty in XL including the ideally fitting bedchamber. So save Bony's night's sleep... And your own!

Bony size: height 1.6 m x width 0.7 m Material: PVC Info : In/outdoor decoration/movable elements can be draped so cool. Coffin size: height 0.4 m x 1.5 m - unfolded in seconds. Tip: home bar when Bony is sitting between bottles, also great in the garden because it is weatherproof...

»The Tiny Home movement has also completely taken hold of us goths...«

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