Creepy Halloween Monsters 2 Faces Animatronic


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Children's mouth announces horror... yes, Louis is not an average child. Well, not just because has been dead for 600 years. Also, because the real horror lurks behind the already horrible facade of the undead brat. Because Louis wears a mask and what's behind it is so shocking that no one survives the sight. Oops, now you've looked. Well, nice with you. Second customer please go to checkout 1...

Size: height 1.2 m x depth 0.37 m x width 0.55 m Effects: light / sound / animation / speech (English) / motion sensor: IR motion sensor Power: 220 V / adapter included Info: indoor decoration / set-up time 15 minutes

»A lot of work for the dentist, but a face like that really rocks on selfies...«


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