Babyface Boris XL Children's Skull in Life Size Body Bag


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Life wasn't good... to Boris. Even as an adult he couldn't get rid of his baby fat and his hair didn't grow much. No wonder people called him giant baby or babyface. That made him brutal and nasty, but there is always someone who is even nastier and he has now finished off the boy. Murdered slaughtered killed and Boris gave up the baby food spoon. Hammer Set consisting of a body bag and our exclusive skull. Lifesize deluxe set, fill and get guests ready. nightmare guarantee.

Size: Life-size male skull, body bag approx. 1.80 mx 0.4 m Material: PVC Info: In/outdoor decoration perfect lifesize set mega decoration in seconds

"Now works with us in the shadow realm as a model, as a face on rusks and cutlets..."

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