Coffin Vampire Halloween Air Deco Hit


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Count Dracula does the honors... and climbs out of his box to your rush. Keep calm. The man is just making a show. Nobody gets bitten tonight. The bloodsucker stays cool in his corner and performs his show as often and as long as the party requires. No effort thanks to the blower. All-round carefree horror in XL and on a level that doesn't make kids crazy either.

The video shows a similar blow up figure. It is only intended to clarify the technique. In terms of design, size and model, the product specifications apply.

Condition: Brand new/remaining stock with slight damage to the packaging/goods brand new inside/220 vol power connection/size 1.8 meters/light effects and animation by blower operation/absolute collector's item

»Coffinful what the guy with his 232 years can still do, a real entertainer... »

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