Spooky Skeleton Halloween Air Deco Hit

Element 13

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Count to 10... then search! However, Bony makes it easy for you because he is not a great master when it comes to hide and seek games. He looks out from behind the tombstone just as quickly as he disappears behind it. A super fun, large decoration that assembles itself thanks to the blower and is particularly popular with smaller horror fans.

The video shows a similar blow up figure. It is only intended to clarify the technique. In terms of design, size and model, the product specifications apply.

Condition: New item/remaining stock with slight damage to the packaging/goods brand new inside/220 vol power connection/size 1.8 meters/light effects/sound effects and animation by fan operation/absolute collector's item

"Hey, black suits me, if I wear it more often, it makes a point slimmer..."

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