B-stock AtmoxFX special material Hollusion hologram beamer projections


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B-stock. Damaged packaging, no packaging, crumpled but no damage and fully usable. Super price - the pictures show the product as A-Ware!

The hologram fabric...
is ideal for creating the effect of free-floating horror figures in doors but also freely in the room. The projection material is so subtle that it creates incredible projections. Note the video information with further tips & tricks.

Ideal for hologram effects. For window projections we recommend the projection fabric XL . Exclusively only with us in whole Europe! The original from AtmosFX

Type: Hologram fabric Size : 1.65 meters x 2.7 meters B-stock without packaging, wrinkled Material: Woven polyester, gray Info : Provides excellent contrast. The set comes with hooks and mounting hardware.

"Alternatively, I recommend a black mass, cheaper, guaranteed real and lasting horror every midnight..."


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