Skeleton Bony 1.1M + Cult Tombstone


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Bony likes to drink... too much to drink . Or two. This clouds the few senses he still has. Then it is difficult for him to find his way home. In such a case, our rattle friend simply lies down in a meadow, puts the stone behind him and has marked his territory. Clever boy! So if you bring Bony to you, book him with his claim marker. He will love you for it!

Size: Bony height 1.1 m x 0.3 m + 1 stone height 0.55 m x width 0.35 m Material: Bony PVC stone Styrofoam Info: In / outdoor decorative stone selection 1 of 3 is done by us.

"Such a gravestone is perhaps a bit unwieldy as a person, but you don't lose it that quickly..."


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