Hanging horror trio with glowing eyes


inkl. Mehrwertsteuer, zzgl. Versandkosten

Scary figures ... no, we're not talking about the Bundestag. What is meant is the triad of horror consisting of a creepy skeleton monk, a spooky pumpkin patch monster and a fat witch's bride. Yes, take a look at the 3 almost life-size hanging figures in the glowing red, pulsating eyes. Hypnotic right? And since a horror seldom comes alone, this Trio Infernal will also come in a three-pack at the click of a mouse. Realistic photo print of the faces, plus robes and a light exterior. In short: many may hang out at your party, but no one hangs nicer than this creepy pack ...

Size: 3 x hanging figures 1D photo faces approx. 1.6 meters hanging decoration Effects: photo print faces with LED light eyes Info: Great trio, all 3 figures in one package are great for hanging up due to their light weight.

"No one can separate good friends, the same goes for nasty friends, so dress warmly..."

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