Cemetery in a box decoration set


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All- round carefree ... no one is with this set for a long time! After all, these are creepy graveyard accessories. But the gravedigger, who certainly wants to be a la Moder, is well equipped when he reaches for the box that makes nightmares come true. A total of 5 tombstones, cobwebs, small skulls and skeleton claws are waiting for horror freaks who want to pimp up their lawn or apartment. The stones are 1D but have side parts so that they appear spatial. Photo printing does the rest. Big set for a small price.

Size: 3 x 1D tombstones with flaps 56 cm 2 x 1D tombstones with flaps 28 cm spider web 10 g skull 9.5 cm Info: Great set to create your own decorations, thanks to flat stones with side rails it is quick to set up.

"Previously, only the pizza boy came with a box, now the cemetery is delivered fresh and practical..."


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